Prom Rules

  1. Prom is an event for people age 16 and up. Guests under 16, including siblings, are not permitted.
  2. Every client is welcome to bring one guest and be accompanied by one caregiver.
  3. All clients must register. Walk-ins cannot be accommodated.
  4. Just because you have registered in the past does not mean you are registered for 2022.
  5. The music for the Prom is a preset playlist. Prior to the event we will post something on our Facebook page (The Prom GJ) inviting folks to make suggestions for that playlist.
  6. Prom is a special event and we hope all out guests treat it as such and bathe/shower beforehand and wear clean clothes.
  7. For caregivers that need to pick-up a guest before the end of the night we will have a Help Desk volunteer that can escort you into the ballroom.
  8. All registered guests need to provide an after hours contact number.
  9. Snacks are served at the Prom not a full meal.
  10. Raising the money and organizing the Prom is a tremendous amount of work done by a handful of people who volunteer their time. Please treat them with kindness and respect to show your appreciation for their efforts.
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